#002 - Allstrength Activewear Sponsors The NABBA Australia



Allstrength Activewear is honoured to announce their most recent sponsorship with NABBA Australia. In particular Allstrength Activewear will be the sole sponsor of the Classic Bodybuilding Category for the prestigious Lee Priest Classic held on the 24th of October 2021.

NABBA Background

NABBA is the original and oldest bodybuilding federation in the world, with many of the greatest and pioneering bodybuilders to help shape the sport to what it is today by competing in the NABBA Mr and Ms Universe and NABBA World international competitions. Bodybuilders by the names of Bill Pearl, Reg Park, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lee Priest and many more.

The Lee Priest Classic

The Lee Priest Classic is NABBA Australia’s biggest competition of the year. This year, in order to qualify for this prestigious event, competitors must quality through the NABBA State Shows held in NSW, SA, VIC and QLD. The Lee Priest Classic is where Allstrength Activewear will sponsor the Classic Bodybuilding Category. Allstrength Activewear is extremely grateful to be afforded an opportunity to sponsor such a credible and respected bodybuilding federation. 

Priding ourselves as ‘A Brade Made By Lifters, For Lifters’, the Classic Bodybuilding Category sponsorship and affiliation with the NABBA Australia Brand solidifies our brand ethos nicely.


The NABBA embraces a culture of rewarding the athletes & competitors. Allstrength Activewear shares the same view as NABBA: placing the athlete first! Therefore, we will be offering a prize package for the top 3 placings for the Classic Bodybuilding Category at the Lee Priest Classic on the 24th of October 2021. The following Prizes are as follows: 

First Place

Receives an Allstrength Activewear Athlete/Ambassadorship contract PLUS a $300 Allstrength Activewear gift voucher.

Second Place

$150 Allstrength Activewear gift voucher. 

Third Place

$50 Allstrength Activewear gift voucher. 

We are excited to meet all the competitors in the Classic Bodybuilding Category and beyond. Allstrength Activewear will also have our own promotions table at The Lee Priest Classic so we will be open to meet all the new faces in the audience.

See you there!


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