Our Story2

A brand made by lifters, for lifters.

ALLSTRENGTH Activewear started with a conversation, which lead to an imagination followed through with desire and belief. Nothing to something, the brand's roots initiated out of a bedroom with one man's dream to create an enterprise around his calling and passion for health & fitness in conjunction with fashion & style.

ALLSTRENGTH is a lifestyle, fitness brand that honours individuals with the strength to stay committed to their vision long term. The concept of ALLSTRENGTH is interpreted on so many different levels. 

Never Quit

'Never Quit’, is a notion which was reiterated during the developmental phase of the ALLSTRENGTH brand and business. Today, this message posits itself entrenched within the ALLSTRENGTH brand message.

Accept The Challenge

Accept The Challenge is the first step in controlling and creating your destiny. By accepting any challenge you have instilled the belief within yourself that you have the strength to overcome any obstacle through the power of thought.

Logo & Garments

Minimal, yet timeless logo design thoughtfully crafted & pieced on each garment to sport an aesthetic finish. ALLSTRENGTH is leaving it’s mark on the world of health and fitness by bringing a shift in culture. 

Each garment, from fabric choice, logo placement - to the designs have been individually crafted and tested by the ALLSTRENGTH Team to create an unparalleled brand which can be repped in & out of the gym!

Innovative workout clothing – It’s not just in the designs, it’s in the people who wear them.

We honour the dream chasers. Get the job done.